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Last summer, Yohan Morin was spending almost 18 hours a day on eris dating. He neglected sleep, brushing and showering, and only ate one meal a day.
“I wasn’t even able to stop my game to go to the bathroom,” recalls the 14-year-old.
LISTEN to the interview with Benjamin Denis, Marketing Director of the Montreal Esports Academy, on QUB radio:
Yohan Morin was among 250 million followers of the online survival shooter. Fortnite stopped working on Sunday, which has created disarray on social media for 2 days.
Yohan could have been one of these desperate young people, but he has been treated in closed therapy for his addiction since August 14. Le Journal met him with his father in Nicolet, Center-du-Quebec, during his first authorized outing at home since starting therapy.
“I feel liberated from what I have been able to experience, and to be able to provide life to others,” said the teenager, yesterday, the day before his return to the Center le Grand Chemin de Saint-Célestin, in Center-du- Quebec.
Each week he participates in four group meetings and one private meeting.

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